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Eagle Legacy Patch Full Color

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In 2014, 70 years after the original Marine Raider Units were decommissioned, the Marine Special Operations Regiment announced they would be renamed "The Marine Raiders" after their WW2 counterparts. In August, 2016, the Marine Corps announced that the Raiders would receive their own insignia to be awarded after the completion of ITC. 

This new insignia was developed by a Marine Raider and the original design features the Skull and Southern Cross on the shield held by the Eagle, an image dating back to WW2 and the original Marine Raiders. 

This Eagle Legacy Patch features the Marine Raider Badge with the Skull and Southern Cross on the shield in full color as well as mimics the shape of the uniform badge. 

Note: Colors may vary depending on your device screen. Please keep this in mind when ordering and comparing online photos to the physical product.